SBS "Medicine or Myth" review July 03 2019


My name is not Adama Kamara, but I guess… you can call me Kay. Recently you might have seen on SBS’s “Medicine or Myth” about a shampoo and conditioner that can help those who are follicularly challenged (bald/ing) as well as those who like having nice smelling hair. If you were wondering where you can get yourself a bottle well look no further, we have them right here, or if you were wondering about us and our products, well you can continue reading. 

While I may not be Adama, she is still my hero, inspiration, the woman I admire most and the reason why my hair is thick, luscious and shiny despite all the terrible things that I’ve done to it over the years. For more than 20 years she has been perfecting her formula and for more than 20 years she has helped a number of people with their health issues. What makes this product so great, is also what makes Adama so great; she first developed it to help nun’s whose hair was thinning under their habit. She did it because it hadn’t been done before and she continued to do for a further 20 years without recognition because someone had to.

Now you’re probably wondering why she would appear on SBS’s “Medicine or Myth”, the answer is simple really, why not? If you have a product that works; that can help people increase their self-confidence and feel good about themselves, wouldn’t you therefore have an obligation to share it with the world? Personally I would say yes. If you saw that episode, you’d see that the results were positive, you’d see why thousands of people from around Australia have come to see Adama for their health for over 20 years. She makes you believe that everything will get better, she inspires you to do better, be better.

In the case of the shampoo and conditioner, the longer you use it, the better the results. Something that I personally believe which is why it’s a product that I’ve used religiously for years. As someone with sensitive skin, what I love most about this product and other products by Adama is that she uses natural ingredients and tailors most of her products to suit the individual’s needs. Not to mention she always makes time to answer questions despite her busy schedule. If you were wondering whether or not you should buy this product, then I’d definitely recommend it, if you had questions, I’d suggest emailing or calling. As someone who’s been using this product for years, it’s certainly worth trying and if you watched her appearance on “Medicine or Myth”, 88% said that they would continue to use it after the trial.

 - From, Kay