About Us

Sierra Carbon Solutions Pty Ltd (ABN 22 144 840 899) is an international company that uses a combination of 3rd world solutions to fix first world problems and vice versa. Believing that there is always a method of improving on currently existing technology, in order for it to better benefit the lives of the individuals and the planet, we take a subtle and sometimes simplistic approach. looking back at nature and our ancestors while striving forward with the latest technological advancements we strive to bring the best of both worlds.

Man has evolved and survived to this point relying on nature and what the natural world has to offer and yet when we look at our societies current trend we find that we are turning away from the natural world and focusing more on test-tubes and computers, beakers and state of the art research facilities. Science and compounds produced in a lab instead of things produced with their basis in nature and the natural world. Technology can only take us so far without us fully understanding the wonders that surround us in this world.

At Sierra Carbon Solutions we strive towards utilizing nature to it's fullest to improve our lives, whether it's in the production of quality medicines and lifestyle products, to homeware and healthy indulgences. We believe in sustaining a balance between nature and science to achieve a balance within ourselves, our homes and our planet.

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