Welcome to Sierra Carbon Solutions!

All of our herbal products are sold to our clients after an initial consultation or for the convenience of clients to repurchase at their own convenience. For new customers placing an order, please provide up to date contact information for Adama Y. Kamara to get into contact with you and provide you with a consultation prior to purchase.

Sierra Carbon Solutions is founded by Adama Y. Kamara, creator of the Eco-fire-pot stove and the hair growing shampoo and conditioner which was tested and featured on the show "Medicine or Myth" on SBS, among a number of other natural products that improve health and lifestyle.

Humans are the most advanced carbon life form in the planet, but we continually depend on other carbon life forms such as plants and animals for food, energy and natural medicines. At Sierra Carbon Solutions we promote a better management of our carbon resources by organically growing most of the herbs we use in our herbal products. We do not only strive to manufacture quality health and lifestyle products but we also encourage better management of our environmental carbon resources by facilitating large scale reforestation projects within Australia and overseas through our Moringa projects. Moringa trees are not just the best source of complete plant protein and antioxidants, but the foliage they provide can help reduce environmental carbon pollution in the long run.

Feel free to check out our products and catalog sections to find products that might interest you. Otherwise if you have any questions regarding your health or queries about services that we have on offer, including alternative payment methods to PayPal, feel free to contact us either via email: adama@sierracarbonsolutions.com or call us on (07) 34297238 or 1300369247