Understanding Corona virus (COVID-19) and why the cure may already exist April 09 2020

Imagine the human lung tissue is your neighbour’s house with a fence around it. The fence has numerous small gates that give access only to special wheelbarrows that continually bring oxygen to your neighbours and remove carbon dioxide as waste from their house, to the outside of the fence. 

COVID-19 is a group of bad guys that surround the neighbour’s house, to hijack the neighbour’s special machines that convert the oxygen to energy. They blockade the house and destroy the wheels of the wheelbarrows, making it difficult to carry oxygen into the house or move the waste carbon dioxide out of the house.

Due to the blockade, the neighbour is not able to replace the wheelbarrow wheels or purchase new wheelbarrows. The COVID-19 mob are very vicious and everyone in the neighbourhood is scared. You realize that you have a number of old children’s bicycles and tricycles with small wheels that may fit the neighbour’s wheelbarrows to help them move the oxygen much faster, and in time more reinforcements will come and destroy the COVID-19 gang. You realize that even though the bicycle wheels may not be a perfect fit, they may help make it easier to move the wheelbarrows around.

Our Q-C plus capsules which stand for Quinine-Chloroquine like herbs and other immune boosting herbs, are like the wheels from the bicycles and tricycles. There is some evidence that anti-malarial compounds, lupus treatments and head lice treatments can help reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms, however those synthesised compounds do have harmful side effects. 

The wheelbarrow example is used to explain the fundamental principle about how our bodies work. Every chemical or compound has a unique shape and this shape can fit into another shape like a jigsaw puzzle and that is how reactions take place in the body or medications work on parts of our body. 

Most pharmaceuticals drugs are designed to form a unique shape that allows them to engage or fit into a specific receptacle in the body.

Corona viruses have a special affinity for the lungs because of their unique shape.
This is the surface structure of the alveoli in the lung where oxygen enters the body and carbon dioxide is removed from the body.

As you can see the surface structure of the lung is a perfect receptacle for the Corona Virus tentacles and can blockade the tiny gates suffocating the lungs.

These are the typical shapes of quinine, chloroquine and other antimalarial herbs