Moringa Oleifera Fresh and Dried Leaves or in Capsule form for our beloved Animals March 13 2018

There is no limit to the lengths that we’d go to for our pets, in some cases we treat them with more affection and care than members of our own family. We act irrational when they are hurt or at risk of being hurt, we see it all the time with celebrities jumping fully clothed into pools to save animals. Regardless, we have a fondness for the furry, fuzzy and feathered creatures, not to forget about our shelled and scaled friends as well. We love our animals, but more often than not we find it difficult to fulfill all their nutritional needs as pet owners without the hefty price tag that not all of us can afford.

Moringa is a plant that you may or may not have heard of, it contains 46 antioxidants and over 90 essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs to survive. It is such a nutritious and valuable plant that even the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended it’s use to stave off malnutrition in developing countries. Now you’re probably wondering what that has to do with your furry friends, the answer is quite simple, moringa has been proven to be as beneficial for them as it is for humans. Providing the same kinds of results in animals as in their human counterparts, results that you would be hard pressed to find outside of the “Hills Science diet pet food” range.

Obviously when it comes to love, there is no price that we wouldn’t pay, especially when we look into their loving faces during those moments of affection, but some prices just continue to add up during the course of their lives. Like with humans, when we fail to achieve a proper balanced diet, we experience increased risk of developing illness over time. Specific micronutrients are required to stave off illness and increase life expectancy, the same goes for animals as well. In the wild they are left to hunt for themselves, eating a diet that supplies all the macro and micronutrients that their bodies need, when kept as pets their nutrition becomes lacking and over time that leads to disease and chronic illness.

Pet food, vet bills, trackers, medication, the list goes on for what we pay to keep our furry friends healthy and safe. Assuming your pet stays healthy for most of it’s life and you only purchase the cheapest pet food, you’re looking to spend around $500 each year on your furry friend, obviously the price is higher if you only give your pet the best food and need to see a vet for whatever reason. Who doesn’t want the best for their pets? The point is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality over cost, by supplementing moringa into their diets, they will receive the trace nutrients that most other pet foods are just not equipped to provide. Whether you want the raw powder or the capsule form, we have the product to fill your needs.

With less time spent at the vet, worrying about their diet and health, that leaves you with more time to enjoy their company and more money to spoil them with toys. Now you’re probably thinking what’s the catch? How does this work? What’s the secret? The truth is, there is no secret, Moringa is a natural plant that has all that nutritional value in an easily digestible package. It has not been genetically engineered, it is not a result of a mutation, it is just natural. Because it’s so natural and it’s nutrients are easy to absorb for both humans and animals naturally, it is the best thing we can do to show our furry friends that we love and care about them.

If you’d like to know more about Moringa and what we can do to help you take even better care of your pets, make their coats richer and healthier in not only texture as well as color by providing them with the perfect balanced diet, feel free to reach us on 07 34297238 or 1300369247 for Bulk order info .