Advantages of Moringa July 16 2017

Moringa is a tropical plant and a naturally occurring MULTIVITAMINE, MINERAL AND PROTEIN supplement. It is designed by the loving hands of mother nature with the  nutritional needs of the human body in mind.  The levels or concentrations of the different nutrients in Moringa are such that they cannot be mimicked by our expert scientists and supplement designers. Nature knows best what is good for us and at levels that will not have an adverse effect on our overall health unlike man made protein powders that may not accurately address all our cellular needs. Also Moringa is loaded with over 100 different antioxidants, making it the most potent naturally occurring anti- oxidant. Every part of the Moringa plant is useful for human health and wellbeing. Moringa leaves are also a potent protein source and contains all the essential amino acids needed for human nutrition , tissue repair and  health.

Tips for consuming Moringa

Moringa leaf powder can be added to smoothies, meals  or even baked goods

Q: Is Moringa Safe for Children?

A: Moringa is excellent for growing bodies as it will supplement the normal diet.

Q: How often can I consume Moringa?

A: Moringa can be consumed daily with every meal to ensure a balanced nutrition