Ada Eco Clean cooking stove

Portable indoor and outdoor bioethanol stove ideal for use at home or camping.

The Ada Eco Clean Stove promotes the sustainable use of clean burning fuels such as locally produced bioethanol, ethanol gel and locally manufactured spirits as an opportunity to dramatically reduce the harmful smoke emissions and exposure causing deaths and the global burden of respiratory disease. Globally, three billion people depend on polluting, open fires or inefficient stoves to cook their food, harming health, the climate, and the environment. Women and girls, who often spend hours cooking and collecting fuel, are disproportionately affected.

The choice of fuel used in the Ada Eco Clean Stove encourages greater local participation in the fuel value chain and hence offers new pathways for local economic empowerment such as income generation from fuel production, marketing, distribution, and sales of locally produced bio ethanol cooking fuel. The Ada Eco Clean stove can help foster gender-informed fuel enterprises thus providing income-generating opportunities that should empower women and promote gender equality.

Bio-ethanol is a clean liquid biofuel that can be made locally from a variety of feedstocks including sugary materials such as sugar cane, molasses, sugar beet, or sweet sorghum; starchy materials such as cassava (manioc), potatoes, or maize; or cellulosic materials such as wood, grasses, corn and other agricultural residues.

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